Thursday, August 8, 2013

Watch and Vote Augustman A-Listers 2013!

On their newsletter, it says, “We’ve abided by the belief that August Man is the definitive magazine for men of style, substance, and success, and that our readers are men who share the same ethos. We have set out each year in search of august men who epitomize these traits. This year’s A-Listers truly represent a microcosm of Singapore’s population as it stands today, with guys from all walks of life. Whether they are inborn and bred Singaporeans or have adopted it as their home, they are eager to give back to society. Some are involved in political work, while others are participating in charitable activities, make them true modern gentlemen who would be as comfortable camping out in the woods as they would be in the urban jungle. “

So it’s time for everyone to vote your favourite A-Lister starting August till September 1, 2013. Plus you’ll be having a chance to the 15 lucky voters to win a bottle of Martell, Lab Series products, Kerastase, and Cleanse and Finish from kimrobinson.

Visit for more info.

Amazing Guy restores faith in humanity

The golden heart man helps a homeless old guy. This is the story that reveals on the video below. This is how Amazing Brandz transpires not only for branding but for human branding as 2013 came across the business world.

Pay it forward is the best word that suits this video clip.

Hope everyone of us have a golden heart to share what you have and always share what blessings you have receive.

That is one of the commentaries on social networking as this video became viral.

Posted by “The Craziest Video”, watch this video clip!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Coco Martin and the Menu of Life with MAX’s Restaurant

Inspiring story of life is what Coco Martin wants to share on his new TV Commercial (TVC) with MAX’S Restaurant. 

courtesy of MAX's restaurant
It started with a breakfast meal then with Kare-Kare and the most flavorful that is love by all, MAX’s Fried Chicken; added by desserts like buko pandan and my favorite leche flan that completes the whole meal. 

Hope one time they will include the MAX’s Caramel Bar which is part of their Corner Bakery.

As the TV ad stated, let us all watch more of Coco Martin's stories about Max's Restaurant.

Amigo Segurado: A new Pinoy Pasta Brand with Daniel Padilla and Papa Chen

“Amigo Segurado bagay sa panlasa mo! – Daniel Padilla.” “Amigo Segurado bagay sa budget mo! – Papa Chen.”

Those were the famous lines from Daniel Padilla and Papa Chen from this new TV Commercial of this new Filipino Pasta Brand. 

The TVC gave emphasis on how Philippines is celebrating Christmas. It is now we matched food with other food and give love to our love ones. Food is just a second selection for this season but the affection give a meaningful presents for everyone. 

That is how Amigo Segurado will make this season meaningful for a perfect budget for Filipino family during Noche Buena or even ordinary day. Christmas is one most awaited season in the Philippines. Happiness, caring, exchange gifts, visiting relatives house, going to Godmother and Godfather, 9 mornings, and full of surprises are the reason for this season. 

Disclosure: Amigo Segurado is not a sponsor of this blog site.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MS Office in Android and iOS?

Microsoft (MS) will set to release Office versions for Android and iOS early 2013. 

courtesy of THE VERGE

Implementation of Excel, Word, and Powerpoint will be free apps which require a MS account. Users can use the basic viewing of the documents. Editing functionality will be available once the user subscribed to Office 365 subscription. 

Since the application is in mobile version, functionality won’t be 100% the same when it comes to editing from the Desktop version with full editing function. 

In a report from The Verge, Mobile MS office will work in iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. Recent MS press release Office Mobile Apps will be available for iOS late February or early March 2013 and Android will be on May 2013. 

This will be what some executives and professionals or even students are looking for.

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